Holistic Kitchen

Indulgence without regret

Holistic Kitchen is as indulgent as your favourite chocolate bars and ice creams (hello, Crunchie and Magnum), but without the dairy, gluten and refined sugar.

Our handmade creations take time, patience and love. We blend dates with peanut butter for gooey caramel (zero emulsifiers), and slowly heat maple honeycomb for that perfect crunch.

We scoop out the flesh of coconuts (yes, really), whisk our own chocolate (no machinery here), and carefully place every last peanut. 

We dip each bar and ice cream by hand in our signature raw dark chocolate (we're proud perfectionists), then sprinkle gold lustre dust over for the final touch.

Nobody is crazy enough to spend this much time cooking, right? We are. Because the hours we spend make our treats taste unbelievably good. So yummy in fact, you'll prefer them over the originals.

Holistic kitchen


An accomplished food photographer and recipe developer, Bree is all about the food. So you would be surprised to know she was once a criminal lawyer. Yep. It was a brief encounter in court that set the young lawyer on an entirely different trajectory.  

Bree has eaten her way across six continents, invited herself in countless kitchens and gathered recipes from across the globe. She's photographed numerous travel cookbooks for celebrity chefs, as well as written and photographed her own. 

When Bree arrived back in Sydney and attended a raw cooking class, a new obsession took hold. She wanted to make the best tasting raw treat ever (that didn't taste like cardboard!).

After months of research (eating), cooking (all night) and measuring (precisely), Bree had made healthy remakes of the treats she couldn't have as a kid. And they actually tasted #BETTERTHAN the originals!